CLARELiS is the result of more than 25 years of experience in business and more precisely, in notarial field.


Our clients are private individuals, wealth management professionals

and even private banking professionals.


Cross-border financing and security law

The firm has developed an expertise in supporting both foreign and French banks involved in the financing of real estate assets located in France. In addition to the guarantee itself, our office is able to assist both the bank and its clients with the legal audit of the property provided as collateral, the tax context linked to the investment in relation to the client's international situation, and the bank's compliance with the French rules governing credit-related activities when carrying out its financing activity.


Real estate law and urban planning risks

The firm deals with all issues related to the acquisition or sale of real estate, real estate development, requiring expertise in property law, civil law, land registration, urban planning law. We advise our clients at all stages, from the pre-contractual discussion to the issuance of the deed to the real estate registry.


Corporate law and in-depth tax law

Considering that today, public authorities seem to favour companies as the driving force of our economy and as job creators, it is only natural that we have developed an expertise in the area of corporate law: incorporation, evolution, and dissolution.

Corporate law offers very relevant perspectives on asset management and we can also assist you with transfers of securities from foreign companies with a predominantly real estate focus.

Our group has gathered the most qualified specialists in corporate and tax law. CLARELiS has integrated professionals into its network with whom the synergy is complete.


Family law and private international law

Our firm is used to dealing with issues arising from the presence of external influences.

We can advise you on inheritance planning, on the fiscal processing of real estate investments made in France, on divorce, all in an international context.

We also have a strong network of correspondents who can assist our customers wherever they are in the world

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